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Den Meeting September 28, 2017

posted Sep 28, 2017, 2:00 PM by Bear Leader

Tonight the boys will be completing the last requirement of the Bear Necessities Adventure by helping to setup a tent.  From there we will move onto using a magnifying glass to examine plants more closely and then learning about composting.  We should have a very hands on and engaging evening!  October is a very busy month for scouting so please check out the important dates below as well as for show and sell opportunities.


Show and sell opportunities are available on the website and occur nearly every weekend.  This is a great opportunity to sell a lot of popcorn in a short amount of time.  This means scout credit! 

Home Assignments:

·         None this week

September 22 2016

posted Sep 25, 2016, 12:40 PM by Bear Leader

This past week we held introductions to our fellow den mates and welcomed all of our returning Scouts both for the Pack and Den. We have one new Scout who we worked with on The Bobcat Requirements. There was also a Parents Meeting with Mr Dunn and Mr Dietrich in the Parish Hall while we had a small Den Meeting. After the Den meeting and Parents Meeting we went upstairs and listened to the Popcorn Presentation. I am still working on finalizing our Den Calendar and hope to to have this completed by the 29 of September.  We will be making fish costumes for the October 19 Halloween Parade. More information will be addressed and discussed this week.

We will be working on Bear Claws week in our Den Meeting as well as reviewing Bobcat with our new Scouts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Hope to see everyone on the 29th. 

Please check the packs website frequently as it is updated often. 

September 18, 2014

posted Sep 18, 2014, 5:51 PM by Bear Leader


Tonight was our first den meeting of the year and we accomplished a lot.  We were able to put together a Code of Conduct for our den, the boys filled out a family line to the best of their abilities, and they also filled out personal info sheets which we shared to learn more about each other.  We then brought our meeting outside for some physical fitness challenges.  All and all it was a great night!

Please complete Achievement 3b from the Bear Handbook by finding out about two great famous Americans and be able to tell what they did or are doing to improve our way of life.  We will discuss this at next weeks meeting.  Also Akelas, please review Achievements 10 and 12 from the handbooks as well.  These two are family based achievements that you may be able to sign off on without even realizing!

Thank you to all who attended tonight and we welcome new comers.  See you all next week!

Picnic Sign Ups

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Bear Den Meeting April 10, 2014

posted Apr 9, 2014, 4:44 PM by Bear Denleader

Tonight will be part of a 3 part den meeting series spent on Achievement 21 - Build a Rocket.  The during the first two meeting the scouts will build their own model rockets.  The third meeting will be held outside where they scouts will test their rocket building skills and launch the rockets they built!

Bear Den Meeting March 26, 2014

posted Mar 26, 2014, 5:35 PM by Bear Denleader   [ updated Mar 26, 2014, 5:36 PM ]

Tonight we will be working on Elective 4 Electricity.  The scouts will learn about electricity safety, how it is generated, and how it is used on their home.  After that, they will learn about how electricity flows and use this new knowledge to wire a circuit and build an electromagnet!

Reminder & Home Assignment: The Pinewood Derby is quickly approaching!!  Continue to or start working on your Pinewood Derby cars.

March 20 Den Meeting

posted Mar 21, 2014, 6:56 AM by Bear Leader

Tonight we worked on the Electives in 13, a and d, for Magic.  We are going to learn the secrets behind 3 magic tricks that are not in the Bear handbook as well as some brain teasers they can use to entertain and amuse their friends.  If they can master these at home, we may be able to hold a little magic show for one of the other Dens or the Pack- 13b.  We are going to wrap up tonight’s meeting by fulfilling some of the requirements for our Good Manners Belt Loop and Pin.

Reminder & Home Assignment: The Pinewood Derby is quickly approaching!!  Continue to or start working on your Pinewood Derby cars.  Make a poster that displays 5 Good Manners that you want to practice and share with the Den or your family

If any of the Scouts need information on the magic tricks they learned, please let me know.

ALSO-PLEASE NOTE- apologies on the calendar-  There will be NO Movie Night on April 11 due to the later date on the Pine Wood Derby. 

Bear Den Meeting March 13, 2014

posted Mar 12, 2014, 6:33 PM by Bear Denleader

Tonight we will be completing Achievement 19, Shavings and Chips.  The boys will be learning about pocket knife care & safety.  They will also practice making a carving & complete the requirements for the Whittling Chip Card.  All these activities will prepare the scouts for proper pocket knife usage.  The Whittling Chip Card certifies that the scout has demonstrated knowledge of, and skill in, the use of a personal pocket knife.  By completing this requirement he has earned the right to carry a pocketknife to designated Cub Scout functions.   

Reminder & Home Assignment: The Pinewood Derby is quickly approaching!!  Continue to or start working on your Pinewood Derby cars.

Bear Den Meeting January 30, 2014

posted Jan 30, 2014, 9:27 AM by Bear Denleader

 Tonight we will be joining the Arrow of Light Den to meet a Tae Kwon Do Instructor.  She will cover a few requirements for the Athlete and Fitness Belt Loops or Pins as well as showing us a few moves.  Next, we will review Achievement 6, our home assignment.

Reminder: Please let your leaders know what home achievements you are completing as we would like to have all of our scouts earn the Bear Badge by the Blue and Gold Banquet.

Home Assignment- Complete Achievement 6 if you forgot to do it (any 3)...I suggest perhaps 6c,d and e or 6 d,e, and f.   These again will be Arrow Points if your Bear has completed the 3 for Country.

Bear Den Meeting Jan 23

posted Jan 22, 2014, 7:51 PM by Bear Leader   [ updated Jan 22, 2014, 7:53 PM ]

Tonight we will be working on Achievement 4 which the Scouts can log as Arrow Points if they have completed their 3 Achievements for “My Country”.   There are a few Scouts that need a third selection completed to earn their badge, so for them this will fulfill that requirement here.   The topic is Folklores, so we are going to learn about what a folklore is, read about a few, share any that we already may have heard of, play a match game and maybe a game of charades.  

Home Assignment- Achievement 6- do any 3...I suggest perhaps 6c,d and e or 6 d,e, and f.   These again will be Arrow Points if your Bear has completed the 3 for Country.  Have your Bear be prepared for a brief review next meeting perhaps as to what kinds of energy sources you use at home, our biggest energy drains and ways to conserve energy.  Time permitting we will introduce this topic this evening.

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