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Bear Den Meeting November 7, 2013

posted Nov 8, 2013, 5:53 AM by Bear Leader

Tonight is all about what’s cooking,  baking, good nutritional choices.  We are going to be trying out a vegan oatmeal cookie recipe.  We are going to discuss what junk food we like and see how we can change “junk food” choices to good choices.   Due to allergies, we are not going to be making trail mix as plans suggest.  I would rather not have them do that than risk anyone getting ill.  We will assign some tasks to be completed at home from the book.   First will be to make a snack for the next den meeting (9b)..we will have a little Food Day with our next meeting.   The only restriction that I definitely want apply is no peanut products...I know we have some other allergen triggers in the Den/Pack, but peanut is most prominent and would like to say no to that one.  The other assignment is either with assistance- prepare one part of breakfast/lunch and supper (9c) OR prepare a dessert for your family (9f).    There are two other options also and those would be to either prepare the trail mix for a hike on your own (9e)  or with an adult, cook  something outside (9g).   So to be clear- all to do 9b- and choice of c/f/e or g.  You can also do all if you wish.