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Den Meeting - March 15, 2018

posted Mar 12, 2018, 5:01 AM by Bear Leader

Tonight the boys will be observing the Arrow of Light Crossover.  In this ceremony, the AOL den will cross over to Boy Scouts.  We will be there to celebrate this important moment with them and also give our scouts the chance to see what they can expect for their AOL Crossover.

Next week our cub scouts will be working on the Marble Madness adventure.  They will learn about the history of marbles, the marbles themselves, and several words that are used when talking about marbles.  They will also learn 3 different marble games and we will play 1-2 games.  Finally, they will race their marbles in a marble maze they built in a prior den meeting.

Home Assignments:

1.    Any electives you would like to complete at home

The remainder of the year will be focused on electives since we have already earned the Bear Badge.  Feel free to work on any additional electives your scouts finds interesting.

Bear Leader,
Mar 12, 2018, 5:01 AM