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Den Meeting 10-11-2012

posted Nov 11, 2012, 5:37 AM by Web Master Pack 94
Tiger Cub Parents,
Tonight we worked on our Bobcat Badge requirements along with working on Achievement
1D from your Tiger Handbook and discussing the Honesty Character Connection from the
Handbook. We also discussed a chore that your scout can complete at home for Achievement
1F. Please note that we ARE having a den meeting on Thursday, October 25th contrary to
what the previous newsletter stated. We are still looking for help and donations for the Cobbler
Sale this Sunday if you have not already signed up. This coming Wednesday is the Halloween
parade, Tiger Akela’s are required to stay with there scout. We will be meeting at the Catty
Middle School (Fairview and Bridge Street.) Please dress your scout in uniform with the
appropriate clothes underneath to stay warm. All scouts are asked to bring a bag of candy which
will be used to throw throughout the entire parade route. This coming Friday is our Halloween
Party. We will be meeting at 846 Locust Street in Catty(last house on the street) from 6:30pm -
8:30pm. Please don’t forget to bring whatever you signed up for at tonights meeting. There will
be coffee, hot chocolate, a fire pit, a scary story, a hayride, and games. For up to the minute info
on any events please check the pack website  www.cattypack94.org
Web Master Pack 94,
Nov 11, 2012, 5:37 AM