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Den Meeting 1-3-2013

posted Jan 3, 2013, 11:18 AM by Assistant Wolf
Today’s requirements we worked on were for Tools for Fixing and Building 5b-d and 5a if time permits.  Each of these requirements provide a hands on introduction to several types of tools.  We will also be going to Home Depot this Saturday at 9AM to complete 5e and finish requirement 5.   At Home Depot we will be building a birdhouse and finishing 5a (if needed).  They usually provide paint so please wear appropriate clothing, class B is optional.  The birdhouses are provided first come first served so feel free to bring a sibling or come at a later time if you cannot make 9AM.  The workshop runs 9AM-Noon.
We are also preparing for family fun night.  Please sign up to bring a specific item for next weeks meeting which we will be assembling the baskets.  The baskets will be our prizes for Family Fun Night.
Home Assignment: Please complete requirements 10e (Decide with Akela. what you will watch on television or listen to on the radio) & 10g (Have a family Board Game night at home with members of your family) by the next den meeting.  Remember we are aiming for our scouts to receive their wolf badge at the Blue and Gold Banquet on Feb 16th, we’re nearly there!
Assistant Wolf,
Jan 3, 2013, 11:18 AM