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Den Meeting 11-1-2012

posted Nov 27, 2012, 8:30 AM by Wolf Leader
Dear Parents,

We hope everyone has made it through Hurricane Sandy with minimal repercussions! Some important announcements, especially if you didn’t catch the sign up sheets.  Hoagie orders were due tonight.  Please remember each fundraiser has a direct impact on your Scout’s own account that can be put towards dues, camping, scouting related supplies etc....Also if you have not turned in your Popcorn Sales, it is imperative you do so, and let us know immediately if you have unreported sales yet, so that your customers’ orders will go through. This weekend, November 3rd,  we need volunteers to meet at St.  Paul’s at 9am to hang door hangers for our Scouting for Food Drive! Please call either myself, 610-737-9971 or Shawn Regits at 610-417-5683 and let us know asap if you can assist. This is a huge part of the “To serve other people” part of our promise.   Thirdly, reminder that if you wish to join the Webelo’s on the excursion to Crystal Cave on November 10 at 2pm, please let us know that too.  Transportation is on your own as  this is not an official  “Den” event for the Wolves, we are just going if you desire to come along just for fun.  It will be $8 per Scout and $10 for Akela’s or anyone over 12.   Please see www.cattypack94.org for all the details.  Lunch will be provided if you are participating in the Scouting for Food pick ups, that will also be on that day.  That is another day we can use volunteers as well to go and pick up the food from our Scouting for Food event, even if you can’t or don’t wish to go along to Crystal Cave.   Meeting time is 9am for that as well, also at St. Paul’s.

As of this writing, we are hoping that this week’s meeting is still as planned, which is a visit to the Catasauqua Public Library- a historical building in our community, Achievement 4f.  We are waiting for confirmation that they will be able to accommodate us, but have not heard anything since the storm.  If they can, we will also have completed Elective 6a and 9d which are finding out how to obtain a library card, and practicing good rules of street and road safety respectively. If they can not give us the time on this day, we will reschedule as there are other electives that we can earn on a visit to the library on another day.  

Work at home for Scouts and Akela’s will be to prepare for Requirements 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d and 9a, 9b.9c and 9e for the next meeting and for an upcoming meeting 7e.  If we can not visit the library we will go over some of these as time permits tonight. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A HANDBOOK PLEASE CONTACT ME AND I WILL SEND YOU THIS INFORMATION. Actually, I may email the information anyway as a reminder.  As your Scout’s Akela, we strongly encourage you to be involved at home with your Wolf Scout with these requirements.  We will give basic information, but it is up to you to solidify how you want your Scout to deal with these situations to your specifications.  Keep in mind what you do in your position as Akela, is what helps your Scout further in their advancements.  Scouting is “Prepared.  For Life”, but they have to learn it before they live it.  This week’s events show how a little preparedness could have, or did make, a really difficult crisis a little more bearable.  I know it did for us.   If you do not have a Wolf Handbook yet.  I encourage you to do so soon, so we can track your Scout’s progress on his Wolf Trail. We need to be able to track their progress so they can advance together as a Den.  We will begin bringing books for advancement recordings to future meetings very soon.  

Last two reminders...dues and medical forms?  Have you turned them in yet?  Forms can be downloaded on our Website under Pack Info/ Documents.  
Have a great week!