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Den Meeting April 25, 2013

posted Apr 25, 2013, 9:21 AM by Assistant Wolf

Tonight we worked on our kites for Elective 5c, for some upcoming outdoor Spare Time Fun.  If you wish to challenge yourselves, you can certainly do one of the homemade paper bag kites on your own, but with limited time, we are going to put one together via a kit.  We would also like to review our newly learned songs and prepare two more from 11c for graduation-time permitting.   If you did not bring in your book, please make sure you do so next week.   It is more important than ever to keep us updated with achievements and electives with graduation and our deadline right around the corner.  Reminder dates below are dwindling, but please read for updates...Remember brown bagged supper for next week’s Den Meeting at 6:30pm at the Willowbrook Park.  See the sign up sheet for the following week’s picnic as well.

PLEASE, even as we wind down the regular Scout season, please continue to check www.cattypack94.org for updates to the Scout calendar.  

Does anyone know of a place to store the newly acquired food trailer?  Please see anyone in leadership.  Cobbler donations: http://www.cattypack94.org/home/cobbler-donations .
Assistant Wolf,
Apr 25, 2013, 9:21 AM