Lubrication Tips
1. Use graphite only. NO OTHER  Lubricant is permitted. Oil damages the paint, collects dust, and is prohibited. Graphite works better than the new white Teflon.

2. Remove the burr on the axle with a small file by spinning in an electric drill or drill press,  follow by polishing to a brilliant shine with fine grit sandpaper, and metal polish if desired...all are done using drill or drill press. Adhere to North Valley District Rules in preparing the axles.
3. Break in the wheels by spinning them with lots of graphite. ..Apply Graphite to the axle where it joins the wheel front or back..and spin not touch and let it stop by itself.. when it stops by itself, this 10 times per wheel.

4 Once you mate an axle with a wheel during the graphite process, they are mated for life :-) 

5. For detailed lubrication tips, please visit It is an excellent site for Pinewood Derby plans, weights, speed tips etc. A PDF speed tip booklet is available for purchase on the site, and goes in much greater detail than we have space for on our pack website. As ALWAYS...before purchasing anything or using any tips on the website, or any other website, please make sure you are in conformance with the North Valley District Pinewood Derby rules for the current year. 

***Please check that anything stated here also conforms to the North Valley District Rules Provided on the main Pinewood Derby Page***