Show and Sell Guidelines

  1. Class A Uniform required unless the Scout does not have one

  2. Make sure two deep Leadership is adhered to at all times.

  3. At least one Leader or Akela should be at the event the entire time to oversee/  Run the event.

  4. Experienced Leaders/Akelas could take turns over seeing, but recommended that each one stays for  at least half the event to facilitate smooth transition.

  5. If possible try to arrive 15 minutes early to set up.

  6. Ask on site Manager at location regarding placement of the table.

  7. If table set up when arrive, don’t move unless on site Manager authorizes.

  8. Set up ez up if needed, if under an overhang it is not necessary, as in at WAWA, and of course not needed inside at Boscovs or Kmart.

  9. Cover table with table cloth, unless provided by store as with Boscovs and covered already.

  10. Arrange product in order of price, cheapest to most expensive…helps with letting the Customer know what the prices are.

  11. Don’t put too much of each kind on table…sometimes it’s good to just have a few of each..looks like product is being sold.

  12. Try to hide as many of the product cases under the table as possible…having them behind you is good, but try not to stack too high, and keep neat.

  13. Make sure to hang the posters on the table facing the Customers…

  14. If possible , hang the Pack Banner…not possible in Boscovs.

  15. Make sure the credit card accepted sign is clearly visible…hang on the front of table if possible, and on top of table closet to Customer. Must have app to use.

  16. Works well to have a price sheet on top of table closest to Customer, and is helpful to have one in back by cash box  and the Leader / Akela..

  17. Cash box should be in back by Scout Leaders/ Akelas behind table, and always closed when not adding or removing money..

  18. NO SCOUTS BEHIND TABLE (unless posing for picture)…NO SCOUTS OPENING  CASHBOX………. If they want to hand the Customer the change, Leader or Akela behind table hands it to Scout.

  19. Because of the prices, it’s recommended that the following cash be kept in the cash box.: $25 in ones, $25 in fives, and $10 in tens.

  20. Any Twenty dollar bills received need to go beneath the tray.

  21. Scouts CANNOT keep any of the donations, no matter how well intended by the Customer.

  22. Any donations will be used as military donations, make sure the Customer knows that.

  23. Scouts are not to interfere with Customers in any way,  they should ask politely “Would you like to help support Cub Scouts?”, or something like that. No charging the patrons or high pressure sales from Scouts, Leaders, or Akelas. A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS. Remember we are selling Scouting…not Popcorn.

  24. Do not have Scouts blocking doors. If they want to open it for Customers that’s ok, unless prohibited by the store. However, they need to be behind the door…not in front as to block the Customer. At Wawa they should stand to one side of the door.

  25. At Lowes the Scout can only be at the exit doors, and by the table…do not open the doors.

  26. ALWAYS say thank you to the Customer, no matter if they purchase anything or not… A SCOUT IS COURTEOUS.

  27. Once the sale is completed, fill out the sheet provided in the cash box and return it, the cashbox, popcorn, and any other equipment used  to the Scout Room or Don’s house. You can lock the cashbox in the Scout Room closet if you do not have access to locked file cabinet.

  28. If returning popcorn  to Scout Room, make sure it is on TOP of the table(s) Sometimes the Scout Room gets flooded.

  29. Equipment needed:

  1. Table (locations where none provided)

  2. Ez UP (locations where needed)

  3. Popcorn…yes I listed  that.

  4. Table cloth (locations where none provided)

  5. Cash box with change: $25 in ones, $25 in fives, and $10 in tens.

  6. Posters.

  7. Pack Banner ( might be able to hang at location)

  8. Clear tape to affix posters, price sheet , CC sign etc. (this is kept in cash box)

  9. Marker (this is kept in cash box)

  10. Ink pen (this is kept in cash box)

  11. Printout of sign up sheet.  Used to keep track of who is expected for time slots

  12. Tally sheet. (this is kept in the cash box)

  13. Plastic Bags for Customers (if available)